Founded by BTCC fans’ favourite racing driver, Rob Austin with health-conscious businessman and motor racing fan, Daniel Welling; TH1RST aims to bring a fresh approach to the drinks and sports industries linking the support of sporting TALENT directly to TH1RST fans.

We plan to start in motor racing and develop our TALENT support program across other sports as we grow our product offerings and reach to our fans.

What part do our fans play? Well, only the most important ones!

Firstly we need your help to identify the TALENT we should be supporting, what products we should make and where you want to buy them – we plan to do this with social media, so make sure you follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Secondly we need you to buy and use our products, to give us the budgets to invest in supporting our sporting TALENT – so find out about our products and how to buy here.

Thirdly we want to share the sports and talents with you, our fans, so our marketing budgets will be focused on creating products and experiences for our fans to enjoy in reward for supporting TH1RST – follow on social media to find out more. #FINISHTH1RST